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Motor Control

Put an end to Motor Control Struggles

   Portable Chain Hoist Control Systems

   Truss Mount Hoist Control Systems

   Computer Control System

   Install Chain Hoist Control Systems

   Direct Control Motor Controller

   Handheld Remotes

   P26 Yellow Remote Extention

   Inverter Pac

Motion Laboratories’ modular motor/hoist control systems are among the most widely used in the entertainment industry. Our portable and permanent hoist control systems have a proven reliability. Recognized wherever they go, these systems prove themselves time and again in touring productions and installation sites around the world. From our computerized systems right down to our yellow handheld remote station, professionals know and expect that our systems will put the level of control they need into the palms of their hand.

We have several popular and proven connector choices to provide the right type of power and control for your hoist. Styles available are: 7 Pin,, 14 Pin and Dual Twist-Lock.
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