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Motion Laboratories, Inc.
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Since it began creating innovative solutions in the mid 1980s, Motion Laboratories has been a leader in the development and manufacture of high quality power distribution and motor/hoist control systems. Rigging, Lighting, Staging and Sound Reinforcement providers throughout the world rely on our knowledge and products to help bring their designs to life, make them safe and effective, and keep them running smoothly.
The innovative modular design of our products and our in-house fabrication, machining, and assembly capabilities enable us to design and deliver systems quickly to different specifications. In both the entertainment industry where we have the leading edge, and in business as well, Motion Labs has earned the trust of customers, and the respect of competitors. Our most popular products can be found here, and if there is something else you need, we can design that too, if you just contact us.

Motion Labs products include:

Power Distribution Systems
Safe reliable power is a must to ensure that events go off without a hitch. Our systems come with a diverse array of connector and breaker arrangements, and can be configured for 110V single-phase, 125/250V, 120/208V three-phase Y, and 208V three-phase power. Whether you need to power lighting, amplifiers, backline, or accessories, we have the right solution for you.

Hoist Control Systems
Chain hoist control is a precise business, and lifting tons of gear above a stage requires skill and planning. Our hoist control systems ensure safe and reliable solutions that work with all industry standard chain hoists, and incorporate electrical phase reversing for extra convenience.

The Server -- Advanced Rigging Intelligence
Design dynamic productions with the easy-to-use and portable SERVER System, an advanced hardware/software solution that monitors the exact position of every hoist in a grid. Easily create groups of hoists that move together with one-click automated sequencing by setting the thresholds and watch the entire grid move safely into place.

Satellite Power Distribution Products
Our RacPacs and Stringers are designed with utmost flexibility to deliver power where you need it – for your amp rack, dimmers, or just a rack full of gear. If your truss or backline needs power, we have a variety of Stringer boxes to match your needs.

Cell*Mate Weight Monitoring System
Use our Cell*Mate weight monitoring system to simultaneously watch critical loads from one or more remote locations. Using state-of-the-art stainless steel load cells to measure tension on your rigging points, cells are rated for either 2-ton or 5-ton loads and work in unison with our Cell*Mate Hub and Digital Display Modules.

Cable Assemblies
We have connections for every product we make made of the highest quality components. Our advanced production techniques enable us to build Cable Assemblies efficiently and cost-effective.

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