Motion Laboratories is a full service provider and our clients include a broad variety of segments in the entertainment industry as well as companies in other markets that understand the importance of having a strategic partner to work with.

In the touring market, our clients include global production, lighting, sound and staging companies as well as local and regional entities. Touring companies’ equipment is set up and torn down repeatedly, requiring equipment that can stand up to the rigors of the road.

In the rigging world, we work closely with major providers of rigging services, truss manufacturers, and chain hoist manufacturers. Supplying turnkey systems to their customers requires a commitment from a company that carries a full line of components to complement their core services.

In event production we serve providers of audio visual presentation services, exhibition providers and event services providers. Whenever an event is being planned, our clients need the equipment that will serve the right purpose. Whether they are distributing power on a tradeshow floor, hanging truss for lighting, setting up video presentation equipment or setting up a corporate meeting, they need their equipment to look good and perform reliably.

We serve the theatre industry including theatre production companies, national touring companies and many of the scenery, automation, and production support companies that serve the theatre industry. As they say, “The Show Must Go On” and our clients depend on our equipment to perform night after night.

Our OEM support supplies products to manufacturers of sound and lighting equipment. Custom designs incorporated into production run capabilities allow our OEM clients to offer product solutions for their customers’ needs.