Lifting loads using multiple points requires rigorous calculations to ensure the safety of the structure you are attached to, the integrity of the structure you are lifting, and the safety of the personnel and equipment involved in the lift. As the lifting systems become more complex and the loads become heavier, the use of load cells to monitor and support those vital calculations becomes more important. How do you know what load is being placed on any one point of an indeterminate structure? Each point must be protected individually to maintain the integrity of the entire system and structure.

Monitor Your Load Cells in Real Time

We manufacture a full line of load cell systems under the “Cell*mate™” moniker to handle any requirement you may have from simple display systems that will alert you to a potential hazard, to control system integration that will stop movement if certain conditions are present, to systems that will log and display critical information concerning your grid plot.
The Cell*mate™ product line includes Load*Cells™, data hubs and displays as well as data logging equipment and control system interfaces all designed to provide you with the information you need to ensure safe operation of your electric chain hoist control systems.
All of our Cell*Mate™ system products integrate seamlessly with our electric chain hoist control systems. Whether you require the system to be standalone, modular or fully integrated, we have a solution.

Rig with confidence, using the most trusted name in load cell systems..


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