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Cell Mate Hubs and Displays

Know Your Load with Cell*Mate™ Load Cell System’s Hub and Touchscreen Digital Display Unit

Don’t rely solely on load calculations. Visualize the weight on your grid by using our hub and display package.

Cell*Mate Hubs

The Motion Labs Cell*Mate™ hub is the data collection component of the Cell*Mate™load cell system. Motion Labs manufactures these data hubs in aluminum frames with sturdy Boltaron shells that are truss mountable. Each hub has a powerCON input, with a pass through, rated at 120-240VAC 50/60Hz, eight inputs for load cells and a data output that transmits information to a display or control device.

Cell*Mate™ Touchscreen Digital Display Unit

The Cell*Mate™ Digital display provides clear precise readout of load cell data in real-time. Displays are 19” rack mount units 2RU height. Displays can be chained together to allow multiple points of viewing, or the data can be sent to other control or logging devices.

We are Committed to Enhancing Load Cell Performance

Since the introduction of our Cell*Mate™ system in 1995, we have re-designed the electronics for more enhanced performance. The updated models and associated components are now referred to as V3 products. We do not recommend using both V2 and V3 components in the same system. We do offer full support for the older V2 package as well as upgrade programs to move up to V3.

Rig with confidence using the most trusted name in load cell systems.

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Cell Mate Hubs and Displays

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  • A-17 Series

A-17 Series