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Load Cell Data Logger

Prove That You Are Rigging Safely With Our Load Cell Data Logger Hardware / Software Package

The Motion Labs Load*Cell™ Data Logger is a hardware/software package that is designed to display and record data from any Cell*Mate™ load cell system. The hardware portion of the system is a 19” rack mount 2RU device that receives data from any Cell*Mate™ hub or display. This device communicates to a PC through an Ethernet IP protocol. Connection can be to any a network via an Ethernet connection or a Motion Labs wireless bridge access point.

How the Data Logger Works

Our proprietary software package manages the data collected from hubs, either individually or in groups, into a Windows based user interface that allows the user to display the data in block or graph format or overlaid on top of a grid plot. Additionally, the software logs this data into an encrypted file that can be queried at any time based on criteria set up by the user.

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Load Cell Data Logger

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  • A-17-008 Series

A-17-008 Series