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The Warden

The Warden™ Chain Hoist Load Cell Control

The Motion Labs Warden™ was designed to bring a level of load cell integration into the control circuit for electric chain hoist control systems. By monitoring each load cell independently and linking that data to the run command for that channel of hoist controller, you can effectively control each hoist based on weight limits entered into the system. This can be expanded upon to shut down the entire controller and alert you to the overweight or underweight condition.

Take Load Cell Control to the Next Level

By adding a HMI touchscreen you can link multiple Wardens™ and create groups of hoists from multiple controllers as your application would dictate. This system will now report individual weights, group weight totals and the entire weight of all groups imposed on the structure as well as providing stop commands based on the data input provided during setup.

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The Warden

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  • A-17-004 Series

A-17-004 Series