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Load Cells

There is a Reason Why We Are the Industry’s Leading Load Cell Manufacturer

The load cell is the load bearing component of any load monitoring system. It must be manufactured to exact specifications and safety standards. Motion Labs provides a variety of load cell alternatives that are designed to be used in specific applications.

Load Cell Features

  • All of our load cells are designed with a minimum 5:1 safety factor

  • Our standard stainless steel link is the most cost effective solution and is available in two ton, five ton and six ton capacities

We also offer a shackle pin load cell for low headroom requirements.
Our load cells have a proven track record for over 20 years of service in the field and we offer yearly certification programs to maintain accuracy.

Developing New Load Cell Technology for Better Performance

Since the introduction of our stainless steel link model in 1995, we have re-designed the electronics for more enhanced performance. The updated model and associated components are now referred to as V3 products. We do not recommend using both V2 and V3 components in the same system. We do offer full support for the older V2 package as well as upgrade programs to move up to V3.

Rig with confidence using the most trusted name in load cell systems.

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Load Cells

Shackle Pin Load*Cell

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  • A-17-003 Series

A-17-003 Series

Load Cells

Cell*Mate V3 Load Monitoring System

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  • A-17 Series

A-17 Series