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E-Stop Systems

Chain Hoist Emergency Stop Systems

E-Stop systems are available in a several integration protocols and safety levels. Fixed speed control integration and power shutdown for variable speed are the two main protocols.

Control Series E-Stop Category 0 Emergency Stop Integration for Up to 32 Hoists

Motion Labs fixed speed control series E-Stop units provide Category 0 emergency stop integration for our portable chain hoist control systems. These units can provide an E-Stop safety circuit for up to 32 hoists in a 2RU 7” deep chassis. They connect inline between a Motion Labs electric chain hoist controller and a handheld remote or The Warden™. Also there is a chained output so you can add E-Stop buttons via a cable connection.

Modular VFD E-Stop with Expansion Modules

Motion Labs variable speed E-Stop units provide Category 0 emergency stop to the power distribution equipment that serves the VFD drive components. Expansion modules are available to increase the system size.

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E-Stop Systems

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